Dolmeb pays special attention to the quality of produced furniture.

Therefore, each new project before it goes into the production of multi-level review of safety requirements and the functional and aesthetic values.
Sample batch of products is sent to external certified laboratories (list of labs and tests) in order to verify the fulfillment of the required parameters.
Since a significant portion of manufactured furniture are the children's furniture produced worldwide, we have extensive experience in the requirements
for safety according to the most stringent standards.

During the production process there are defined procedures to control the quality parameters of materials and processes starting from delivery control by machining
and painting through to the finished product.

We have internal lab where we perform tests to verify the fulfillment of the assumed parameters of strength and resistance of painted surfaces of our products.

The whole process defined in the company determines Quality and Environmental Management Manual, and the implementation of its provisions shall ensure
the Quality Manager appointed by the Board


List of laboratories:

  • INTERTEK Hong Kong CN – lead and phtalates content in lacquers and board material, free monomers in UV lacquer

  • INTERTEK UK – phtalates in coverings and coatings

  • WKI Braunschweig DE – total VOC emmision, heavy metal extraction

  • TUV Rheinland DE - safety, durability, mechanical tests

  • ITD Poznań PL - surface resistance


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